Bollin heights The House Crowd Investment

Just a quick post on The House Crowd for you today to highlight a special offer they’re doing at the moment.

If you’ve been thinking about making a P2P property investment but haven’t pulled the trigger yet now may be the time to get involved as they’re offering a £50 bonus for any customers (both new and existing) who make an investment between now and 20th November.

Here is a link to the full Terms and Conditions so please check them out before making your investment.


how to use this offer to make a quick and easy 17.5% annualised return

In a similar way to how Monevator pointed out that the Rate Setter £100 introduction offer meant you could earn the equivalent of a 14% return here, you can use this £50 bonus to earn an effective 17.5%

The reason is that although the bonus amount is lower, there are investments on The House Crowd available currently with a shorter time horizon than 1 year.

Taking for example their Bollin Heights 1 development (pictured above) which has an investment time of only around 8 months before you get your capital plus interest back, the maths work out like so:

  • Est. investment period: 8 months
  • Annual return for £1,000 investment: 10%
  • Return on £1,000 investment @ 10% in 8 months = £66
  • Plus the £50 bonus means a return of £116 in 8 months
  • This works out at an annualised return of 17.%

Pretty good huh?! 🙂


Please bear in mind there are higher risks involved in this type of investment and your capital is at risk. There is a post in the pipeline discussing this side of things but in the mean time House Crowd have this to say on the subject:


Risk Warning
An investment in property and unlisted shares contains risks. Property values can fall. Your capital may be at risk and returns may vary.
Click here to read our Risk Warning.


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