Egg Fried Rice Leftovers Recipe

Egg Fried Rice with veggie leftover stir fried goodness!!!

Welcome to the first ever vegetarian edition of the Bad Ass Cookery Class! Partially inspired by Mrs 1500’s request for vegetarian recipes and partially inspired by Mrs TFS’s current challenge (it’s catching this challenge malarkey!) of not eating any potato or bread for a month, I decided to knock up a few batches of egg fried rice for my lunches last night. Oh and it was also partially inspired by having some leftover veggies of course! This is a very quick and simple meal to make and if you are worried about the lack of meat then do not fear because the egg and the seeds/nuts really provide you with a bit of texture that is often missing in veggie dishes.

Ingredients (makes 4 portions)

Some leftover veggies – £0.20

4 portions of rice (I used brown) – £0.30

Splash of oil, fish sauce and soy sauce – £0.20

2 eggs – £0.30

Tablespoon of pine nuts, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds – £0.40

Total cost per portion = £0.35 (!!!!)


1. Boil the rice for desired time minues about 2 minutes. So for white rice that takes 10 minutes do it for about 8. I did my brown rice for half an hour. Drain and put aside.

2. If you haven’t any spare veggies around, chop a few up and fry them off first in a wok with the oil, fish sauce and soy sauce. You can do this stage while the rice is cooking if you need to, if not you can put your feet up. If you have leftovers chuck them in the pan and do the same but for a shorter amount of time.

3. Once the rice is done and the veggies are done / in the pan with oils, push to the side and crack 2 eggs in the space. Keep the heat medium and beat with a wooden spoon until scrambled.

4. Once eggs are suitably scrambled (the worst thing with egg fried rice is to mix the rice in too early and get a soggy egg/rice mush so better be slighly over done than under!) then put the rice into the pan and mix gently but firmly until the veg, rice and eggs are mixed up nicely.

5. Chuck in the pine nuts, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds and stir for another minute or so. You can put any kind of nuts or seeds that you like or have laying around of course, to give the dish a nice bit of texture.

6. You can put a bit of extra fish sauce and soy sauce in now, plus salt and pepper to taste. Also any other seasoning or sauces that take your fancy! I sprinkled on some crushed chillies seeing as I’m a spice-a-holic.

Hope you enjoy, if anyone tries it or has any ideas for variations as always let us know in the comments below!