“Give me one good reason to leave

I’ll give you ten good reasons to stay

EUR the only one I believe in

I’ll be hurt, I’ll be hurt, if we walk away”

Ah… if only the Remain campaign had chosen this as their official song maybe things would have turned out differently?! 🙂


Don’t worry, I’m not really going to list out 10 reasons to stay. That horse has clearly already bolted anyway and the stable door was wide open.

However I did make the mistake of checking the EU referendum live result when baby T was having a night feed and now I can’t sleep, so I’m hoping a quick (don’t worry it will be short!) rant on here can clear my head and send me back to the land of nod. So this post is totally, 100% for purely selfish reasons 🙂

brexit confirmed!

I don’t particularly care about the functional aspects of what the by now confirmed Leave result means to me or us as a country really.

I don’t care that the pound has already sunk to 1985 lows and that the FTSE 100 is probably going to open at least 10% lower than it was yesterday and take a chunk out of our Net Worth.

What I care about is the underlying views of what those who have voted to leave really mean, and what I am seeing and hearing are views that make me sad.

You see I don’t think that the large majority of people have actually voted with their heads, they’ve voted emotionally on what “issues” have fired them up. And from what I can see the leave voters and therefore the majority representation of the UK are emotionally motivated by:

Xenophobia – They are scared of people who are different to them

Small mindedness – They still have that small islander mentality

Immigrants – This seems to keep coming up again and again and is a tangible representation of the first two points for most leave voters (again, from what I’ve seen. Any leave voters reading feel free to disagree with me!)


To those who have an issue with immigrants, I say google the term “the birth lottery” and have a bit of a read on that. If you still feel the same way then again this makes me sad.

I also think it’s fair to say these sort of views tend to come from the more uneducated end of the spectrum. So what are they scared of? Immigrants taking all the good jobs?


Seriously in our line of work I’ve seen so many applicants for jobs from the UK who are absolutely terrible, that we don’t have much choice but to hire better candidates who’ve come over from the EU mainland. I guess we’re going to be stuck with UK morons from now on though.

Maybe this is just anecdotal evidence from a quick peruse of my facebook feed last night, but I haven’t really heard any other persuasive arguments to leave that didn’t prey on our good ole monkey brain.



I do wonder what is the point in having a public referendum when the vast majority fall for the bullshit spouting from the likes of the Daily Mail, Farage etc…

Are we really living in a democracy or are people too easily controlled by what is pumped out by the media?

Are the media just giving people what they want to hear or are they just propaganda machines trying to control the masses to get what the powerful owners want for their own ends?

I don’t have the answer of course, I’m guessing it’s a bit of both, and I certainly don’t have any better or fairer ideas than a public referendum.


Anyway let’s hand it to the people of the UK:

Farage, Donald Trump, and the nutter who killed MP Jo Cox – You agree with all of these shining beacons for humanity. Congrats to all you who voted leave!


Right, that seems like enough on this and I’m getting sleepy again, so I’ll leave you with the man himself Jason to sing us all out…