Yes, my second ever guest post has appeared on one of my favourite blogs, Done By Forty. How exciting! This also means I am just about keeping up with one of my blogging goals of 2014 which was to get one guest post published per month (the first of which was at Eco Thrify Living). I should have one lined up for March (I just need to write it!), so feel like I am off to a flyer with that particular goal which is great!

Anyway back to business, you can read a snippet of the guest post below before popping over to Done by Forty to read the full thing, after which you should promptly check out the rest of his superb blog (if you have not already done so). Sorry to be all bossy about it but it will improve your lives immeasurably¬†if you do, so I’m only thinking of your welfare dear readers!

Us humans tend to do a spectacular job of over-complicating what should be fairly simple tasks. One of my favourite examples of this is running. All you actually need to go for a run is a decent pair of running shoes, a t-shirt and shorts or lightweight jumper and jogging trousers, depending on the weather. Yet if you look at the multi-million dollar industry that has popped up around this most basic and primal of human activities – the ridiculous¬†high-tech¬†gadgets and¬†gizmos, futuristic gels and isotonic sports drinks that have come straight out of a scientific laboratory, and multi-man-made-fabric-mesh-lined-hi-air-flow sweat tops and pants – you would be hard pressed to believe the process was as simple as putting one foot in front of the other…¬†Continue reading here!