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Agro indeed!!!


Just a quick post to say sorry about the downtime and the blog is now back online! Yea… you can’t get rid of me that easily I’m afraid 😉


what happened?

This won’t be much of interests to most without their own blog I would imagine but here’s the lowdown:

  • I had an email from my hosts compliance team saying some files got compromised, and they’d taken the site down due to security risks etc…
  • As it was my birthday weekend I didn’t bother looking at it properly until Sunday evening
  • I downloaded my whole site using free Filezilla software (I think I should have been doing this at least every month or so as back up… I wonder how many people actually do this though?) to check out the scanlog.txt file that told me what files I needed to delete
  • I then procrastinated over what to do with the offending files for about a day
  • I then realised that all of the naughty files were actually just total bollocks so it wouldn’t matter at all if I just deleted them.
  • So I deleted them
  • It then took 3 days of me pestering iPage to get them to rerun the file scan and get all web services reinstated
  • Once back online change all passwords etc…

The final 3 days were a bit frustrating but overall it wasn’t the end of the world, and glad to be finally be back online. Whoop! 🙂

I follow with some random ramblings of what I’ve been up to and some other loose ends that are probably worth mentioning.

what did I do with my newfound time?

You’d have thought with no personal blogging activity possible I may have gotten productive with some other goals 1 instead but to be honest it was quite nice to just forget about that sort of thing for a while. I had fun reading and commenting on some other blogs I wanted to catch up on 2, doing some running and walking outdoors of all places, both with Mrs TFS, which was thoroughly enjoyable seeing as we had some nice evening weather. I even started reading another book! This is unheard of in recent months as I made a semi-conscious 3 decision to stop reading books and concentrate on reading and writing blog(s) instead. With limited time something had to give and reading books got the chop, which is a shame (this is the reason why the “currently reading” box on the right hand side of the page has remained the same for ~6 months!).

This whole time has been a bit of a preview to my proposed “switch it off” challenge and it’s been nice, so I am now motivated to give that a go very soon.

On Friday we had the afternoon off and walked along the Southbank in the expensive money pit that is London 😉

im back2

We did spend a bit but not too much, it was nice just walking through St James park in the sun and seeing everything get set up for the Queen’s birthday, followed by a stroll along Southbank with a few stop offs for beers.

The Mall leading up to Buck's Palace, complete with some lovely large Union Jacks

The Mall leading up to Buck’s Palace, complete with some lovely large Union Jacks

The roof garden at Queen Elizabeth Hall is a bit of a hidden gem if you are ever down that way and want to escape the hoard down below, we went from being surrounded by 1000 tourists to sitting in the gardens with about 15 other people in the space of 1 minute. Fantastic! 🙂

The roof gardens at the South Bank Center

The roof gardens at the South Bank Center


The weekend was finished off with another BBQ on Saturday where we cooked enough food for double the people that we invited (oops! 4) and then a round of golf on Sunday. Perfect way to finish off a birthday weekend!

I’ve gone a bit over the top on personal waffle there, apologies!

Moving on…


UK FI summer gathering in York

We decided to come to the summer gathering that is being organised by Huw at Financially Free By Forty!

We are all booked up and looking forward to meeting everyone. We’ll be there Friday and Saturday… if you are going let me know? If you haven’t heard about it yet check out Huw’s post I linked to above and see if you can make it, the more the merrier.


I think that’s it for now. I’ll get back onto posting some more useful/FI related stuff over the next few days and have a brilliant guest post from Free To Pursue to post on Monday (thanks for that F2P! 🙂 )


Once again glad to be back, hopefully that will be the last of my website woes for a long time to come 🙂

What have you guys been up to while I’ve been away!?


  1. such as starting my tax return… fun!!!!
  2. The Mini Millionaire being one – it’s really inspirational on what’s going on over there, with some really good entrepreneurial spirit being shown. Check this post out, for example!
  3. Hmm. That made it sound like I made the decision while I was half asleep didn’t it!? That’s not quite what I meant. Hopefully you get the gist!
  4. Don’t worry I’ve been slowly eating the rest of it for tea/lunch all week 😉