Wild Gambler Free Spins

Happy new year all! I hope you had a nice Christmas break from work (or FI life if you’re already living the dream!)

Talking of Christmas, my fave cracker joke this year has got to have been:

When is matched betting not really matched betting?

When you’re whoring casino bonuses of course!

In all seriousness, it’s always nice to have a bit of extra cash around this time of year so I thought why not post an easy way to make a bit of dosh?

OK, let’s do it!


1. sign up to 888 casino

Google 888 casino* and sign up. The current offer is that you don’t even have to deposit and get to spin a wheel upon which you will be granted anything in between £15 and £888 free play. Don’t be disheartened if you only get the £15 because there is usually plenty more to come in the form of emailed offers, so make sure that you actually leave any tick boxes ticked to receive further offers when you sign up – pretty much the only time I’d ever recommend doing this! 🙂

Also note that there is another casino called 777 Casino which is basically the same company and website with a slightly different paint job and name 1. So it’s worth signing up to both as it doubles the chances you will get emailed a decent offer.

*I seriously considered using an affiliate link here but decided against it for two reasons: 1 – I didn’t really want 888 seeing links from this site and them coming over to check out what we’re all doing. 2 – You only make money from their affiliate deal if people lose money. I really hope no one reading this is stupid enough to read what I’ve written below and still end up losing money so it follows putting in an affiliate link will never make me any money.

For now skip to step 2. but once the initial free play offer is done you will come back to 1a below at some point so it might be worth reading through it quickly first anyway.


1a. wait for a free play offer to be emailed

Once you have signed up it’s not the end of the road for making money out of 888 Casino. No sireee!

If you’ve just signup up obviously skip this point and move on to (2). If you’ve completed the opening account offer you just need to sit tight and wait for a free play offer to come through in the mail. It must be a FREE PLAY offer and not a bonus offer or a deposit match offer or something else like that. If it says anything else but FREE PLAY in the email just delete it and forget all about it. 2

The free play offers vary wildly in amount and percentage of deposit but you may as well just do as many as you can if they keep sending them. The only ones not worth doing are the ones where you have to deposit but then turn over the deposit amount before you get the free play.

You want to play all of the offers you can get your hands on where you get free play granted as soon as you deposit. E.g. “10% free play deposit bonus, up to £100” etc. So in that example if you deposit £1000 you would get £100 free play granted. That is quite an extreme example and you don’t normally have to deposit quite as much to get a decent free play bonus, but even if you did it would be worth doing because the idea is you will never have to touch the original deposit, and can withdraw the original £1000 (or whatever you deposited) at any point during the procedure, so it’s not at risk.


2. playing through the free play amount

However much free play you get granted, you now need to play through the free play amount on the games they’ll allow you to use it on, and turn it into the “real money” bonus. I put that in quotes because it’s not real money in that you cannot withdraw it straight away (unfortunately, that would be way too easy!). You then have to wager that as per the wagering requirements which we’ll go over in section 3.

You can do whatever you want at this point really, if you have a preferred game to play or method to use then go for it!

It’s worth pointing out that all free play has a limit you can turn into the “real money” bonus – for example if you have £50 free play you can only turn that into a £50 “real money” bonus – so it’s not that important that you follow my rules above exactly here. The idea here is to hit the max limit on your free play winnings every time if possible.

Whatever game you play you will likely end up getting a decent amount of money in the “real money” pot, but I have found that using method 2 below I have only not hit the free play limit once 3 out of around 10 offers I’ve attempted. Obviously the best you can do is to hit the limit each time, so I think based on that it is a good strategy.

Anyway what I would recommend is playing European Roulette and doing one of two things:

  1. Simple: Do minimum £1 bets on black or red (choose your favourite colour!) and stick with it. Statistically over say £100 worth of bets on red or black you should still have about £98 in the pot at the end. Obviously this can vary especially if the free play amount is small and luck comes more into play, but it is probably the better method to use when the free play amount is small
  2. Martingale system: I will explain this in more detail with screenshots below. This is probably worth using if the free play amount is anything above £20 because it means you will play through the amount quicker and still have a good chance of hitting the max free play winnings limit.


You may have heard of the martingale system before, and it is technically an unbeatable gambling system with the rather huge flaw in that you need a bank of ~infinity and a casino that with infinite limits 🙂

The idea is that you place an even money bet (£1 stake returns £2) and if you lose you simply double your stake (lose £1, but second bet of £2 returns £4 so you are in £1 of profit). Repeat ad infinitum and when your winner finally comes in you will always be in profit.

Obviously if you hit a run of too many losers you will deplete your bank very quickly and go bust!

However it is good enough for this use case as we are playing with free money so it doesn’t really matter if you bust out.

Here’s how I would employ the martingale system on 888 casino’s European Roulette:

European Roulette

i) Place a £1 bet on red or black to start off with

European Roulette

ii) If the bet loses, click the “Rebet x2” button in the bottom middle of the screen 4

European Roulette

iii) £2 is placed on black again here in this instance. Always use the “Turbo” button rather than spin by the way, unless you like wasting hours of your time watching a stupid virtual ball go round a virtual roulette table.

European Roulette

iv) If you lose again repeat step iii but after a while you will end up winning (or if unlucky you will go bust. Remember it’s free play so if this happens don’t worry about it, just take whatever free play winnings you have generated and move onto Step 3 below. If very unlucky you may go bust on your very first sequence, in which case just withdraw your original deposit and move on with your day)

Once you’ve hit a winner you go back to step (i) and start a new sequence.

You can speed things up slightly by starting with a £2 stake which is what I do but that will increase your chances of busting out. The kind of ironic thing here is that you actually want a small series of losers before each win as that will mean you plough through the free play amount much more quickly as you end up doing bigger bets after a series of 3-4 losers, but too many losers will obviously mean you bust out! Anyway feel free to tweak this to your liking or if you’d rather take more time playing through then just stick to simple fixed stake bets – if you use the Rebet and Turbo buttons you could still blast through £100 with £5 bets in about 3 minutes I reckon!

A few more notes: As mentioned you can only get free play winnings up to the amount of free play granted, so £100 free play means £100 winnings limit. Weirdly though, once you hit the limit it will come up and tell you, but you have to keep playing until you’ve run out of free play anyway before it actually turns into “real money”. So just keep playing until the end But you don’t actually have to do this, so just choose “Close game” and move onto the next section.

OK now onto the fun bit 🙂

You’re free play winnings are now turned into “Real money” but you can’t withdraw this money until you’ve played through it 30 times. So if you have £100 in free play winnings you will need to stake £3000 worth of bets on casino and slot games.


I know this sounds a lot but you can actually blast through it relatively quickly (say in half an hour) if you follow the method below. You will either end up winning a fairly decent amount for your time invested – I’d say between £50-£500 is possible – or busting out pretty quickly (~5 minutes) and therefore winning nothing but crucially also losing nothing either, for a negligible amount of time invested (~10 minutes total).

3. Winning some money with Wild Gambler

Wild gambler is a virtual slot game game with quite a unique feature which I’ve found comes in really handy for playing through your bonus, because it has wildcard characters you can Lock in and spin, and you can turn any square into a wildcard at any time. This probably sounds like gobbledegook so let me explain better with some pictures below:


i) Click on the slots section – it’s the one with the weird blue Genie guy. Also note that in this screen shot my balance has gone up from £500 to £600, reflecting the £100 free play winnings that is now “real money”

Wild Gambler

ii) Click on the right arrow to scroll across a couple of times until you see Wild Gambler – click on it to load the game.

Wild Gambler

iii) Once it loads up, put the line stake down to 0.01 (bottom middle) and click on the squares on the middle row until all of them show the wild/lion symbol as in the screen shot above. Now hit the “Lock and spin” button highlighted with the red circle. It will warn you that the spin stake is really high or something like that, just click yes.

Wild Gambler

iv) Be aware that more wildcards can be spun into view at any time and if you hit Lock & Spin again then the stake will have risen. See it is £23.79 in this screenshot. What I do is click on any extra wildcards to turn them into normal squares before spinning again, because I don’t want to risk too much on each spin.

And thats it, you just keep spinning until you have played through the wagering requirements (or bust out and withdraw your original money). £3000 can be done in just 150 spins but if you hit a bonus (see below) or a big win you can always up the stakes to get through it quicker.

The “clever” thing I found here is that you can have quite high value spins without any risk of losing the whole value of the stake. In the example above you have a minimum win of around £13, the reason being the 5 lions in a row are worth £10 to start of with. In reality the amount returned tends to be between £15 and £25 for 90% of the time and occasionally you will have a terrible spin which returns £13 or £14 or a really good one that returns £30+

This makes it easy to play through a large amount of wagering requirements without risking too much on each spin, as opposed to putting £20 on black or red in roulette each time which risks the whole amount if any given bet loses.

You can play around with the various combinations of what squares you turn into wildcard and see the stake to minimum win ratio by hovering over the Lock & Spin button. Feel free to play around and see what works best for you, I have tried various patterns and have found the 5 in a row seem to offer the best stake/minimum win ratio (obviously you want the difference between the two to be the lowest!). There may be a better pattern so if any one else finds one please let me know!

A note on what spin stake to use – In my example above I use around a £20 spin stake. This seems to work well when you have between say £50 and £150 worth of free money after you’ve finished your free play. Obviously if you only have £20 free play I wouldn’t advise a £20 spin stake though! As a general rule divide your free money “bank” by 5 up to around £200 then I’d probably divide it by 10 to arrive at your spin stake. This gives you a good balance between having enough spins to trigger some good wins and the bonus and being too low and wasting your time. So to give you a general idea (again, modify slightly as you see fit):

Free money bank / Spin stake

£20 / £5

£50 / £12.50

£100 / £20

£200 / £20

£400 / £40

It’s also worth saying that if you start with a low bank and get a few decent wins and your free money bank increases, don’t be afraid to increase the spin stake up to £20… I’ve done this many times and triggered the bonus. Which is a great segway into talking about…

triggering the meerkat bonus

However if this was all there was too it, you would still end up losing the free play winnings in the majority of cases but there is one more trick this game has up it’s sleeve which helps us, and that is the meerkat bonus (5 cute little meerkats will appear at the bottom holding up the letters B-O-N-U-S)

It’s totally random and there isn’t anything you can do to trigger apart from hitting Lock & Spin and hoping for the best. I think it’s fair to say though that the more spins you have, the more likely you will hit one eventually.

When you hit one you will get 8 free spins:

Wild Gambler Free Spins Win

The spins will be linked to your current stake so if you are playing with a very high stake (i.e. by locking in the wildcards as we have been doing) then you can expect a very high amount of returns from your free spins. Even better – if any more wildcards spin in during the free spins, they automatically lock for the rest of the free spins – which can mean you get even higher returns.

You can expect to win roughly 8 times your stake back so if your stake is £20 then you will win around £160, however sometimes it will go bananas and you can win a lot more (usually if wildcards get spun in early on in the free spins):

Wild Gambler Free Spins

reaching the end of the wagering requirements and withdrawal

As stated before, if your balance goes down to your initial deposit you should stop play immediately and withdraw your money. Make sure you keep an eye on your balance and what I would do is when it gets within £10 reduce the spin stake because you don’t really want to go below it at all if possible. So say you deposited £500 then when it gets to £510 click on some of the wildcards to turn them into normal squares – this will reduce your spin stake dramatically.

If you hit one of the meerkat bonuses during your play, you will be very unlucky to not reach the end of the wagering requirements in profit so you just need to work out when you are actually allowed to withdraw.

What I tend to do is keep a rough track on the number of spins I’ve done and when that gets near to the amount needed 5 I will check the cashier:

Withdrawal - Cashier

OK, so it still says withdraw-able balance is only £500 (which is what I deposited) so I know I still need to play on. I then might try 5 more spins (or ~£100 more wagering) and check again. Just keep doing this until you see the withdraw-able balance equals your actual balance:

Withdrawal - Cashier

So in this instance I made a cheeky £84.60. Not bad for about half an hours work!

However sometimes you can get really lucky and hit another meerkat bonus while you’re still playing through the wagering requirements and you might end with something like this:


Again this was from an initial deposit of £500

Whoo hoo! 🙂

Obviously there are plenty of times you might bust out as well but on balance I would say that you will hit a decent win around 1 out of every 4 offers you try. I would also estimate that by doing this you will easily earn between £50 and £100 per hour of effort expended, tax free.

final notes

  • I can’t stress enough that you must withdraw as soon as you get to (or very slightly below) the amount you deposited. NEVER GAMBLE WITH YOUR OWN MONEY!!!
  • Please check all of the T&Cs for the offers 888 will email you. Some might have slightly different terms to the ones I’ve been using above so make sure they are similar enough to make this method work.
  • It’s best to wait around for some really good offers that you can hit in quick succession. The ones I’ve been doing this on over the last 2 weeks you could deposit and trigger the free play every day!
  • However you will need a big bank to do this because it takes a while for the withdrawals to hit your bank account. I guess if you don’t have the bank then just wait for some decent offers that are a bit more spread out
  • Ah… and of course don’t forget – no bookie or casino likes a winner – and so they will catch up with you eventually (or pretty quickly if you are hitting it every day like I was!). So unfortunately it’s not a perpetual golden goose money machine.
  • Beware that if you get the email from 888 Casino saying you aren’t eligible for any future promotions, it will also count for it’s sister casino 777, so don’t try to do any offers from them anymore as you’d just be wasting your time (Yes, of course I tried it and it didn’t work 🙂 )
  • But doing this is probably worth anything between £500-£1000 depending on how lucky you get and how long it takes for them to catch up to you and ban you from any future bonus offers.
  • Obviously put any winnings straight into your Vanguard low cost ETF 😉

Hopefully I’ve made it clear as crystal, but if you have any questions, want to let me know how you get on with it, or just share notes share notes and tips in general please let everyone know below!

And let me know if you know of any other casino offers worth checking out and I’ll give it a crack and write up the results here if it’s worth it!




  1. Where do they come up with these names? Creative genius at work huh?
  2. Seriously you will thank me for that advice if you ever try to play through one of the bonus match offers, they can take days to work their way through and you will statistically lose money on them in the long run, they are designed to sound great (100% deposit bonus! £200 bonus! etc…) but the wagering requirements are usually so large you will end up losing money and wasting hours of your life. If you wanted to check whether an offer has a positive or negative expectation (i.e. you will statistically win or lose money if you did the offer hundreds of times) then Oddsmonkey have a great expected value calculator here
  3. I busted out with 5 reds in a row when I was betting on black or something like that
  4. (hmm, it’s almost like their encouraging people to use the flawed martingale system here isn’t it?! Weird 😉 )
  5. E.g. £100 of bonus money = £3000 of wagering requirements. £3000/£20 per spin =  150 spins required before I can withdraw