motivation / real life

I promise this will be the last of my posts about motivation/validation and so forth, but I forgot a very important part of why people sometimes are not constantly “in the zone” and that is simply because real life gets in the way. It’s that famous old saying:

“Real life is what happens when you’re busy making plans”

If you get some bad news about a friend or family member or something directly affecting you then it’s natural that thoughts turn to those people in need and how to deal with or help with the issues at hand, and with good reason of course!

I won’t go into detail and nothing really bad has happened at TFS towers but I’ll just say it has been a turbulent few months with lot’s of news flying about that has taken up our time and thoughts.

Maybe even the news of the wider world affects your mood and you devote some thinking time and personal effort to helping those in need out instead of relentlessly focusing on your own personal plights. Again, this is all good!

I guess my only point with this short post is that it’s OK to step away from things briefly, life and friends and family are far far more important than saving rates, blogging, and ticking off personal goals and challenges. Also this is worth bearing in mind if you find yourself being overly judgemental others performance, or just others in general. You just don’t what people are going through most of the time and it’s worth bearing that in mind. I’m not one for people playing the victim all of the time but obviously there are many occasions when otherwise productive and hard working people take a hit and we should cut them some slack.


I am sure you are all well aware of this but I just thought it was worth pointing out anyway 🙂


I hope life is treating you all well at the moment 😉