A random photo. Nice eh!

A random photo. Nice.

Like most folk (I assume), my interweb reading sessions are usually pretty wide ranging and occasionally very random. It’s great to keep up with your favourite blogs and read the new content they are producing, but when you find something from a source you don’t usually visit, or find something new worth following, it’s really great. I’ve stumbled across a few random things this week worth reading so I will pass them on, along with a couple of my favourite new blog posts as well.

I live in a van down by Duke University – A great story about alternative living, and how to live and be happy on next to nothing.

The ghost commune – Staying with the theme on alternative living, this is about a commune of “off the grid” houses, built by hand. It’s a really well written peice, and actually quite emotional at the end. Yea, I’m comfortable with admitting that, and what? 🙂

The New Escapologist Blog – What a great blog. The posts are quite short and written with quite a sparkling with, so good for a quick read and a chuckle. Obviously the main themes are on escaping the rat race.

Earth Day And Corporate Sustainability – An old post from Cash Rebel but a really good one. A thoughtful and informative article, and one that makes you feel positive that companies are really starting to think about sustainability.

How to Replace ALL of Your Household Cleaners with 5 Ingredients – I’ve been thinking of doing this for a while and this simple to follow guide seems to contain all the info you need in one handy blog post. Score!

If I Were the CEO of A Mega Corporation… – A humourous article from FI Fighter on how companies really should be run. I want to work there!


If I don’t get time to post tomorrow (very likely) then Happy Christmas to all of you!

the FIREstarter. x