robin hood


Something I’ve been thinking about for a while is that I should give a bit more to charity.

I’m feel like I’m in a very fortunate position right now, and although I’ve worked hard to get here it would be erroneous to put that all down to my own *skillz* and not also down to a few huge lumps of luck:

  • I hit the birth lottery – I was born in a prosperous and free western society
  • What a lucky bugger… I also hit the birth lottery for a second time! – I have awesome parents who bought me up with good values and gave me a good start in life educationally and financially, and beyond that have a strong family support network.

It would do anyone who is against “dem damn immigants” to think about this sort of thing once in a while, but this is not about political views so we’ll move swiftly on…

There are probably loads of other smaller slices of luck that have gotten me to where I am today as well that are harder to pinpoint!

So yes, Mrs T and I had a chat and we decided that we’d start to give a bit more to charity and we’d do it in a more regular and thoughtful fashion rather than just the sporadic donations we make on a whim we do right now.


rob from the rich?

As anyone following the spattering of posts I’ve managed to write over the last few months probably knows, I’ve been devoting any spare time to matched betting. It’s a great way of making a side income and it’s relatively easy money it really is. But I have to admit, it feels slightly wrong. Here are some random thoughts on it:

  • At the end of the day you are abusing an offer system in a way it was not meant to be used.
  • OK, OK… these offers are designed to hook in new customers and therefore extract as much cash from those users as possible. Not exactly a worthy cause from the bookmakers side is it? So no worries if we play them at their own game?
  • However, I still can’t help thinking we’re profiting off of those other customers who do get hooked in and are losing money. It is a zero sum game and if I’m winning, and the bookie is still making profits overall (and they are, believe me!) then who is the loser here?
  • The bottom line here might simply just be, well if I wasn’t doing matched betting it wouldn’t stop anyone else from losing anyway, so why not just have at it. And that is a very fair point.
  • But, I would still like to readdress the balance of Karma here and redistribute some of the bookies wealth to people less fortunate than myself.

So I’ve decided to give 10% of my winnings going back to the start of the year and going forward from my matched betting and SSSH 1 activities


give to the poor!

So far the figures add up like so:

Total MB + SSSH £4,047.00
Total Charity Given £223.25
Total To Give £404.70
Total Left To Give £181.45


That leaves us with a current “shortfall” of charity donations of around £180, but let’s be honest that could get snapped up by just a few half decent donations.

So the really big question remains: who to give the money to?

I’ve read through weenie’s post who has had similar thoughts recently and it mentions CAF, which I will be checking out, but apart from that I’m at a bit of a loss.

At the risk of sounding rather lazy I’m going to crowdsource this one and ask you lot!

Once the answers are in I’m going to create and maintain a “Crowd sourced best charities” page and link to it in the header, so others can find and benefit from the wisdom of the crowd 🙂

So, what are your favourite charities and why?

Thanks! 🙂


Finally I will leave you with one of my favourite quotes I’ve heard in a very long while, which I read on Tawcan’s post here, which I found via weenie’s post above, and is from the Tao Te Ching:

From frugality comes generosity

I couldn’t agree more


  1. Super Secret Side Hustle – which is basically matched betting with a couple of slight spins on it to juice returns. But that is all I’m saying. Definitely. For now 🙂