Thailand: Stupas at Ayutthaya Historical Park

Thailand: Stupas at Ayutthaya Historical Park

As you can probably guess from the post title I am off to Thailand, for my Honeymoon no less. This is probably the last extravagant bit of spending I’m going to be doing for the next five years, but while I am obviously going to enjoy it immensely, I am also looking forward to the challenge of being as frugal as possible for the next five years, while also leading an enjoyable life with some great experiences in it! You can still have fun, travel and be frugal, you just need to reign in the cost and plan slighly less grandiose excursions.

Anyway, I toyed with the idea of scheduling some posts to go up while I am away but decided to just put things on hold for the moment. I’ve been working myself into the ground (see below) and could really do with just disconnecting from all life from “back home” for the 3 weeks we are over there. So in the words of the great man himself… I’ll be back.

Posts Challenge Round up

A quick recap, the posts challenge was a simple one to get me posting more regularly, specifically to post at least 3 posts per week.

Over the 5 weeks I will have managed to post 13 times (including this one, and one I am going to post later this evening). So the bottom line is… I FAILED 🙂

However in the grand scheme of things, the challenge was a success. I posted an average of 2.6 times per week which I am fairly happy with. And it has got me into the habit of thinking about the blog more, writing more articles and more importantly taking the time to edit, finalise and actually post the damn things into wordpress and pressing “submit”. Strangely, that last part seems to have been the hardest thing for me, the final edit and commiting something to the real World.

The other thing to take away is that this is probably the busiest month I’ve had at work for years (lot’s of late nights in the office… sigh). So if I’ve managed to average over 2 posts per week with all the other stuff going on, I can keep that up with minimal fuss when things calm down again, which they should when I am back from hols. I think 2 to 3 posts per week seems the optimal number for me both as a writer and a reader of other blogs so I am happy with that.

TFS signing out… see you in three.