I thought it would be nice to keep track of the goals I set for myself thoughout the year, so here it is!
You can see my original 2014 Aspirations post for more commentary.
I also thought this would be a good place to track my Net Worth seeing as that is what all the cool kids are doing these days…
House value 175000
Mortgage 106000
ISA investments 6735  
Cash 7000  
Total Liquid Savings 13735  
Total including House 82735
SIPP Investments 0  
Employer Pensions 25870 3000
Total Net Worth 111605

Last updated: 31/03/2014

  • Challenge:¬†Complete the 30 day mega-detox challenge – 80% completed¬†(4 out of 5 challenges). Read the final results here
  • Financial Task:¬†Make a solid retirement plan – Completed. Post(s) coming soon already underway!
  • Financial Task:¬†Set up a SIPP account to save pre-tax ¬£¬£¬£’s into – Failed!
  • Financial Task:¬†Set up an ISA in Mrs TFS’s name and use it to invest in Vanguard funds –¬†Completed. Post coming soon!
  • Task:¬†Buy a new (used!) car to increase fuel efficiency (MPG), and sell the old one. – Completed! Read the post about it here
  • Challenge:¬†Run 2 half marathons (already booked in so I have to do this really!) – Completed! ¬†– Ran the Brighton Half Marathon in 1:34:54 – a personal best! And the Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon in 1:39:46. So maybe my strange training schedule throughout January did pay dividends in the end! ūüôā
  • Financial:¬†Research alternative methods of investing available to UK investors, and invest if possible. Completed. Did a fair bit of research on this front but as always with these things it is an on-going process.
  • Environmental:¬†Energy efficiency in the home. Test all devices, make necessary changes. Completed. Bought and installed some LED lights so all our bulbs are now energy saving.
  • Task:¬†Sell rest of stuff from de-cluttering project, and have a reassessment. Completed.¬†We have been selling stuff on E-Bay and also had a car boot sale (in March, so a little late finishing this project off. Again these things tend to be on-going!)
  • Financial Education:¬†Learn how to submit a tax form, for the purposes of having “side hustle”¬†income. Failed!¬†Just haven’t had the time this month! Plus I haven’t had any side hustle income yet ūüôĀ so ultimately I haven’t had the motivation to get this one done.
  • Financial Task:¬†Open some new credit cards to start “Travel hacking”¬†– hopefully I can pay for a holiday in 2015 with air miles. Failed! I looked into it and decided that Avios points are actually a bit of a crap deal. Post coming up about this soon!
  • Education:¬†Start reading a book! Completed-ish.¬†I started reading Guns, Germs and Steel but only got about half way through before I had to get it back to the library as someone had already resevered it. I re-reserved it so will carry on when available again! (It was pretty good so far!)
  • Blog Milestone:¬†10,000 page views per month¬†ūüôā – Failed.¬†March bought in 5,424 page views. Although I’m still pretty happy with that! ūüôā
  • Challenge:¬†Complete a 30 day no meat challenge
  • Financial Task:¬†Complete a self assesed tax form for end of year.
  • Environmental:¬†How to reduce waste in the home
  • Environmental:¬†Start a compost heap in the garden
  • Financial Goal:¬†Start “Maxing out” both of our ISA allowances which equates to putting around ¬£2000 a month into them jointly
  • Finanicial Task:¬†As it will be the new tax year, set up a new ISA in my name which uses Vanguard funds only and work out an optimum asset allocation strategy.
  • Challenge:¬†Complete a 30 day “no added sugar” food challenge
  • Other:¬†Celebrate Mrs TFS’s 30th birthday in style, but on a budget (am I allowed to put that? Oh well too late!)
  • Financial Education:¬†Learn more about real estate investing – Research the local market intensively to see if a local rental property would be viable, and if not see if buying a property somewhere else in England would work.
  • Blog Milestone:¬†20,000 page views per month
  • Other:¬†Celebrate my 33rd birthday. Eek!