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I find this sort of thing very useful if I’ve just discovered a blog I like, to either read through in order or just randomly pick out articles I like the sound of, so I thought others might find it handy for my own blog!

february income/expenses update – feelin’ hot hot hot!

2017 financial review, graphs and 2018 budget

january income/expenses update – strong headwinds encountered!

crypto currency resource starter toolkit + some of my initial thoughts

really rubbish december update

Merry freaking cryptocurrency

november update late late edition – income & expenses report

26 tips on running a sub 3:30 London Marathon part two: race day

26 tips on running a sub 3:30 London Marathon part one: training

blogging is dead – so here are my favourite podcasts

october update – income & expenses report

sneaky september update – income & expenses report

august update – income & expenses report – the late edition

the garden project – FINAL!

the garden project – days 7, 8 and 9

how to level a garden and lay a flat patio base

the garden project – days 2 and 3 (theres a rat in mi garden what am me gonna do!?)

the garden project – day 1

full time leisure is not the path to happiness

jumping july – income & expenses report

budget for a two week family holiday to France (ferry and driving)

Sennheiser Mx 686G review – plus avoid stans online store at all costs!!!

stopping to smell the flowers – a most unproductive 2 months update

mustachian spotting uk – level 2

You probably can’t outperform the market – here is how you should invest once accepting that

the burden of wealth – or why i never want to win the lottery

marathon april – income & expenses report

mega march – income & expenses report

what are our long term plans?

thoughts on parenting part iii – the future

folktales of financial faux pas

thoughts after one year of parenting – part ii

thoughts after one year of parenting – part i

matched betting: cheltenham diaries part iii – the thrilling conclusion!

matched betting: cheltenham diaries part ii

matched betting: cheltenham diaries part ii

matched betting: cheltenham diaries part i

february update – dubai debauchery and happy birthday baby TFS!

january 2017 income/expenses update – tax man traumas!

2016 goals failure review, 2017 goal and other stuff I may or may not do

2016 expenses review and 2017 budget

2016 in re-view: graphs and stuff

december update – levels you devils

matched betting #2 – how to completely rinse 888 casino free play offers

negative savings november update 🙁

Elizabeth Dunn & David McRaney – you have some great advice but why you hatin’ on downshifting?!?!

lifehacking: parkinsons law, deadlines, procrastination, and baiting the panic monster

matched betting pitfalls to avoid #1 £200 offer

october update – 2 holidays and a new challenge awaits!

£50 Bonus offer with The House Crowd – 2 weeks left!

buy your broker a couple of porsches or retire 10 years earlier with low cost index trackers?

september update – a perfect storm!

is derren brown a mustachian badass?

Living free NOW. It is for the likes of you!

The House Crowd – New website now live!

and when you should definitely ask “what if everyone did this?”

why you should never ask “what if everyone did this?”

ratesetter: giving santander the middle finger

august update – clothing confessions and liquidity traps

question time: if an early exit opportunity presents itself do you take it?

FIRE is…

compare mortgage renewal period strategies – free calculator

july update – plus the inevitable question gets asked

The House Crowd – tax efficient investing

reading a personal finance blog post for dummies

june savings update – plus why i refuse to chuck away these pants and why i’m considering buying a tesla

shiny new office or just another set of prison walls?

out with the old, in with the new (blog roll update!)

give me one good reason to leave, i’ll give you ten good reasons to stay

an introduction to the house crowd

may madness – income, expenses, savings, general updates… plus tfs gets a pedicure! has he gone stark raving bonkers?

what’s luck got to do with it?

robin hood rides again + what are your best charities?

quick april update

self build your way out of the housing crisis and a free pdf about money creation!

a brief history of the value of time

march update – first full baby budget month!

february 2016 update – and then there were three

january update – expenses, income, and battling a cream tea addiction

2016 goals and plans

budget 2016

2015 goals review

2015 financial review (iii) – investments performance

2015 financial review part (ii) – income, net worth & savings rate

2015 financial review part (i) – expenses

TFS vs Mrs T death battle spending challenge 2015 results

disastrous(?!) december update – income / expenses and other updates

question time: what was on your frugal christmas list?

Home Is Where the Heart Is – Ten Things Growing Up With House Flippers Taught Me

nutty november – income/expenses and other updates

question time: would you do anything for money?

bathroom makeover – update #2

bathroom makeover!

Going Limited: A Sole Trader’s Guide

freezer leftovers fish broth gumbo

another one bites the dust… (maternity leave and redundancy)

small income diversification to reduce the size of your retirement stash

outrageous october – income/expenses and other updates

in defence of jamie & the sugar tax

solar panels faq

how to get free business banking

my first two weeks – the highs and lows of semi-employment

solar pv panels – a year in review – plus get in there quick if you want some!!!

anything is possible

sensational september – income/expenses and “other” updates

a little taste of freedom

investing in websites

motivation addendum – real life

internal vs external validation + brief goals update

dealing with demotivation

away in august expenses report and market crash net worth update!

the grass is always greener syndrome

step by step guide – how to register for and fill in your self assessment tax form

how to earn £1500+ per hour – claim back tax on your SIPP contributions

random thoughts from york

meet the TFS Mobile II plus a car insurance WTF!

my new favourite shop (top car boot sale tips for buyers)

mini blood bath – july expenses report

uk lottery players: your numbers have finally come up!

2015 6 month expense report: C+ could do better

Mustachian Spotting UK

extreme downsizing your housing to turbo boost your early retirement

two years down the track + june goals report

june income/expenses, net worth and savings rate report

early mortgage pay off vs extra investment strategies

introducing the george’s marvellous medicine method of cooking

can you really change your eating habits this easily?

3 productive or frugal things i’m doing this week

free to pursue guest post: financially independent despite herself

i’m back!!!

mixed bag may – goals progress + wot we’ve been up to

dos vacays in may – income/expenses, net worth and savings rate report

spending habits – luxury spending

spending habits – peer pressure and social spending

the four spending habits of the financial apocalypse

blog faq with the finance zombie!

election brain dump

topcashback free £460 tesco clubcard vouchers hack

april goals progress

april showers – income/expenses, net worth and savings rate report

all change *again* and has my cover been blown!?

5 reasons why wordpress is better than blogger

Download Free Magazines From your Library with Zinio

Cash Flow Issues, Share Save, and Net Worth Tracking

Muscle Over Motor Wins Again

Making a DIY Compost Bin

March (Greenfingered) Goals Update

March Income/Expenses Report – Episode III – Revenge of the SIPP

A More Agile Life

Free Daily Sports Massage and Other Adventures in Life Hacking

Car Maintenance Tips for Newbies

My 2015 Goals (Better late than never!)

February Income / Expenses Report – Keep on runnin’

Four Modern Day Paradoxes of Human Construct

When the spectre of redundancy comes calling – have you got enough money to survive?

Combining and Tracking Couple’s Finances, More Moneydashboard tips, plus free £10!

January Detox Challenge II – The Results

January Expenses / Income Report plus Free Spreadsheet

Brain Dump IV – Should we buy an Air Source Heat Pump or New Boiler? Plus the GDHIF

Brain dump III – New Yearly Budget

Brain Dump II – There’s Some Things You Should Know About theFIREstarter

Brain Dump: Expenses

2014 Expenses Report – Extreme Bloodbath Edition

Earn Money with Top CashBack (plus free 1KG Protein shake for new members!)

January Detox Challenge II

Are You Out Of The (FI) Closet?

5 Ways to Destroy your Monthly Bills

Happynomics and The End Of The World As We Know It

A Personal Finance Quiz (And what theFIREstarter has in common with Kim Kardashian!)

How to Stop Your WordPress Site from being Hacked

My 7 top tips for buying or moving house

Early Retirement, Early Mid-Life Crisis?

5 reasons why your commute is toxic

Rip Off Mechanics – or another reason to DIY it

New TFS Towers

Track Your Finances For Free – Introducing Money Dashboard

Alternative plans for FI and a new definition: Frugally Independent

UK FI Blog round up plus Liebster Award

1001 tips on Buying in bulk

A Year Down The Tracks

Thoughts on nearly losing my sight in one eye

Why do we buy gifts?

Scanners and Financial Independence

Life Lessons with Dr Bob Rotella the Golf Psychologist

Wearing stuff out

No Meat Challenge – Conclusions

Get your violins out for the middle class

Sunday Question Time – ShareSave schemes, what do you do?

BlogFAQ with Budget Breakaway

How to buy and sell a house in under 4 weeks

How to save money on alcohol with a French Booze Cruise

BlogFAQ with Financially Free by Forty

No Meat Challenge – The Throwdown

2104 Quarterly Blog and Goals Update

The Budget 2014 – Does anyone really care?

Two Spendy weekends and a Flat Valuation

Egg Fried Rice with Vegetables

BlogFAQ with Eco Thrifty Living

Pancake Day Recipe – Oat, Seed and Raisin Pancakes

Conclusive Proof that your House should be Included in your Net Worth…

Seeking out some more energy efficiency gains, switching to renewables

Blog update and Weekly Reading

Calculating your Savings Rate: Debunking the Myths

theFIREstarter Recommends

Meet theFIRErat!

Guest Post at Done by Forty: Limit Your Options, Expand Your Wallet

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Fire

The Ultimate Omelette Recipe – with Home Made Coleslaw

Mega Detox Challenge Final Results

Why you need a financial independence plan right now! (And so do I…)

Free E-Books

20 Minute Pork Stir Fry

How to cut your car petrol costs in half

How Much are you Wasting on Getting Wasted

The Badass Cookery Class: A Beginners Guide

Mega-Detox Challenge Log

I’ve Joined The Yakezie Challenge!

Mega-Detox Challenge

2014 Aspirations

A Conscious Conscience

Random reads this week

Interview with a shamFIRE

Get fit by being lazy

My Favourite Blogs (Part I)

Stop unwarranted junk mail

It’s the weekend of enjoying your journey to financial independence!

Frugal Food Friday: Bacon and Leek Risotto with Sauteed Potatoes

Lessons From Thailand

My Perfect Work Day

Start your FIRE part III – Chopping your food bill in half

Thailand Bound and Posts Challenge Round up

A storm is a-coming (…no not that one, we’re talking about the energy price hikes!)

A Frugal Christmas: My presents system to avoid waste

Sunday Story: Internal Locus of Control

Frugal Food Friday: Home made chicken goujons with sweet salad

Internal Locus of Control: Develop one, retire early

Start your FIRE Part II – Location, Location, Location

Forget work and play golf instead

TFS Challenge Log – blog article posting challenge

Start your FIRE Part I – Making a budget and tracking expenses

TFS blog article posting challenge!

Monday Moan: Conned Commuters, Canyabelieve it?

So I just got a pay rise

So what sort of salary do you need for early retirement in the UK then?

Is it possible to live on £10000 a year in the UK?

A brief interlude – I just cancelled my monthly cinema pass and it felt fantastic

Early retirement in 5 years in the UK… is it possible?

Meet The FIREstarter!