Good evening everyone!

I’ve just started another 4 weeks off of work (Heeeeyoooo! Props to the part time massive!) but rather than have any time to sit down and write thoughtful, useful, and google SERP 1 topping articles for you I’ve decided to completely rip my garden apart and put it back together again.

The reasons for this are many:

  • We currently have decking which is rotten and falling apart.
  • The garden is split into many small areas on different levels which we decided we don’t really like because…
  • It’s not great with a small child. You definitely can’t kick a ball around in there or run around at the moment, which seems a bit sh!t if you ask me.
  • Also this multi-area/multi-level set up makes a medium size garden 2 feel really quite small.
  • I felt like taking on yet another ridiculous DIY project with little chance of completing it on schedule and within budget 🙂

Anyway, this is a long winded way of saying I’m going to just post up some pics of my progress at the end of each day instead of providing any real financially related posts. He he.

Self indulgent? You betcha!

But hopefully some of you might find it interesting, and I’ll keep a running record of what we’ve spent so there is at least a vague relation to something financial on here too.


Here is the rough plan of what I’m going to do:

  • Rip up all the decking and take it to the dump.
  • Dig out an area for the patio and use excess mud to…
  • Level out out all the areas so it’s all on 1 level now (as much as is possible anyway).
  • Move the raised flower beds to the right of the decking to the end of the garden so it doesn’t cut the garden in half.
  • Lay sub base of smashed up concrete blocks (which I found underneath the decking, handy).
  • Lay some ballast on top and compact, to fill gaps/help level it nicely.
  • Make up cement and lay patio slabs.
  • Lay turf on rest of area.
  • Make a pebbled area near the extension window to put some potted plants on.
  • Make some more side borders and plant some stuff to make it look all pwetty.


Here is what we’ve bought so far:

Where? What? Cost?
B&Q Patio slabs 20sq.m £628.00
Screwfix Titan Angle Grinder £29.99
Soft Handled Trowel Set 6Pc £14.99
Site Optimus Gel Knee Pads £15.99
Flexi Tubs Yellow Pack of 2 £18.99
Ear Defenders 29.8dB SNR £5.99
Rubber Mallet 24oz £6.49
Wickes Sharp sand bags x 34 £54.06
Ballast bags x 34 £64.26
Cement x 3 £14.25
Total £853.01

I’m sure some of these purchases are superfluous (ahem gel knee pads cough cough) but I’ve learned from past projects to get as much kit as you can to make it as easy as possible! I’m saving a ton of money by doing it all myself anyway so an extra £50 or £100 on tools/equipment I may not need is no biggie.

I’m hoping there won’t be much left to buy for this first stint of the project, but eventually I do want a small shed at the back of the garden which will probably wait till next year. I’m sure there are some other things we’ll buy such as a few plants, and cosmetic bits and bobs. Hopefully we can come in around the grand mark!

Finally here are some before pics and a few pics I took throughout day one. See you tomorrow for some more pics!


Before pic 1


Before pic 2


Before pic 3


Random mushroom underneath the decking!


Most of the decking gone – as well as my back, haha!


Final pic of day 1


And this is what the arse end of our kitchen currently looks like! 🙂


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  2. 6.5m x 10m – Is that medium or still small? It seems quite medium to me