I thought I’d provide a proper page for my blog roll as well as the side bar over there on the right.

I also thought I’d provide a “mini-review” – really just a short snippet to give you an idea of why I read these blogs. Also bear in mind this is not a finite list of blogs I read, but are ones I read most regularly, and/or ones I find most useful, inspirational, or just entertaining. Most also have strong links to or an underlying theme of early retirement and attaining financial independence.

I’ve also included some handy links to some of the better articles in the reviews, cos I’m nice like that.

Anyway, without further ado, on with part I of the list:

Early Retirement Extreme

The original (?) and best blog you can read on this topic in my opinion. If you want to learn how to live differently, fly in the face of convention, and obviously retire extremely early, then read this blog from front to back. Not many (any?) new posts nowadays though but I think he’s probably already said all there is to say – so just trawl through the archives and forum! Clearly an intelligent guy with a brain the size of a small planet, in my opinion he is at his finest when slightly off-topic and/or in a philosophical mood, some of the stuff on there might just blow your mind. There are some quite technical and hard to grasp posts on there which appeals to my inner maths/physics/computing geek, as well as a strong underlying ecological message. You could pretty much say I love this blog (in case you hadn’t already guessed!). There is also a book, which I would also recomend reading.

Mr Money Mustache

The car hating, bike riding, iron pumping, complainy-pants mocking, Early Retirement heavyweight from Longmont Colorado, who retired at age 30. His writing is extremely motivating, he paints beautifully vivid images with his words, and is easy to relate to. His moral compass is spot on, pretty much aligned exactly to my own, and it should be to yours too. (If it’s not, I dare you to argue with him, you will never win against his relentless logic!)


If you want to feel awe inspired, movitated, or just generally have a nice floaty feeling for the rest of the day, go to David Cain’s excellent blog and read a random article! A deep thinker for sure, he will cause you to reconsider some of your thoughts on life, the universe, and everything, and will often make you think about previously trivial things in a completely new light. He has also recently jacked in his day job to become a full time writer, and has lots of material devoted to the sticking it to the man, so his kudos ratings are currently off the scale for me!

FI Fighter

Clearly a kindred spirit (hey just look at the similarities of our blog names… great minds and all that… just sayin’), who is already a couple of years down the path to financial independence. He has set some himself some fierce goals and the most inspiring part is that he is smashing them with what seems like ease – although there is obviously a hell of a lot of hard work going into it. There is plenty of excellent information on stock and property investment strategies, but his random thoughts and philosophical posts are also some of the best.

Root of Good

Another early retiree at the age of 33, Justin is a bit of a new kid on the blog 😉 but is already writing up some great articles in both the inspirational genre, and the on the technical details of how to retire early genre. Definitely one to keep an eye on!


If you want to know about investing in the UK – read this blog! It’s like the bible of UK investing, and it also happens to be an extremely entertaining (and free of course) read! The sheer number of articles can be bamboozling at first, and they can be quite technical as well (for a beginner like me anyway). Just keep reading and you’ll be up to scratch in no time and investing like Warren Buffet. The type of articles that I’ve found most useful so far are the ones on passive investing and index fundsasset allocationdiversification and rebalancing, and how to set up the cheapest online broker account possible. There is a lot of great chat about property investment as well.

To stop this page becoming too long I decided to split it into two parts, so that is part I done for now, I hope you’ve enjoyed it and found it useful!

If you run a blog and think you should be on here please do drop me a line and I will check it out!