Old and new swans? Come on it's sort of relevant...

Old and new swans? Come on it’s sort of relevant…

It’s time to do some spring cleaning* on the blog roll over on the right hand side of the page there, and rather than just silently update the entries this time around I thought I would write a paragraph or two about the new blogs that are going to go on there to give you a hint of what they’re all about!

I am starting to think however that me putting a new-ish blog on the roll is some sort of jinx because the last two I put on there didn’t seem to last more than a couple of extra months before the posts dried up! I jest of course but wish the best of luck to the new additions nonetheless (also, it is quite annoying having to remove defunct blogs so please for the sake of ole TFS’s sanity just keep on writing… how’s that for further motivation if you ever needed it?! You can thank me later 😉 )

*I started writing this post in Spring, in case anyone is confused by that intro!

the old…

There are two blogs that didn’t make it past that first crucial year (I think) which were Getting Fired and The FIbrarian. Both great puns on the whole FIRE thing so it’s a shame to see them go. Apparently Getting Fired was due to be “back soon” but now it’s just a holding page the site cannot be reached so I’ll remove it until further notice, and FIbrarian hasn’t posted for 170 237 days at time of writing so think that one is finito. It’s a shame as I met the author Dan at one of the FIRE Escape events and he seemed really keen, so I hope everything is OK and his FI plan is still going strong! Dan if you still read this give us a shout to let us know how things are going!?

You may also notice a few that haven’t posted for a while but I am going to leave on there for now.

After a very sporadic few months it seems both Under The Money Tree and Done by Forty are now posting a bit more regularly which is great news 🙂

There’s Value looked like she was going to start posting again after having the nipper but hasn’t posted for 61 days which is a shame. I’ll give a watching brief on that, M if you are reading let me know your plans if you are going to write again soon (hopefully the answer is yes!)

Finally Keeping the Cauldron‘s journey to FI is done and dusted and it doesn’t look like she’s going to post ever again but I leave it there as it’s a good start to finish documentation of a later in life sprint to FI and she has some great thoughtful posts on there. I’m also hoping that she’ll get a bit bored during retirement one day and fire up blogger again!


the new


Poppa’s Cottage

Friend to MMM and Mr 1500 days, what more do you really need to know? Oh dear. I’ve just realised that 1500 days is not on my blog list. Mega-D’oh!!!

Sorry back to Poppa’s Cottage. I’ve only just started reading but the archives go way back and each post I’ve found so far has something really interesting in it. With such eclectic subjects as “Nicomachean Ethics” and Eudaimonia and Of Mice and Men: Penis Size Revealed you have to admit you are curious aren’t you!? 🙂

There is plenty of humour (and swearing) to go along with the interesting stuff you will learn (see Poppa’s Internet Fuckwad Theory) as well as some pretty decent philosophy on life type stuff.


1500 Days

This has got to rate as a bigger oversight than voters forgetting to fact check the Leave campaign.

Hopefully the blog shouldn’t need much intro though as I’m sure you have all heard of it anyway.

If not it’s about an American family trying to achieve FI within 1500 days of starting the blog (they didn’t start from scratch though, that’s just when they started the blog!).

Mr 1500 is the main writer there and he loves DIY, craft beer and school boy humour, so as you can imagine it’s right up my alley 🙂

Anyway 1500 days is now in the blogroll and the karmic balance of the blogosphere is now restored.


Sex. Health. Money. Death

If you want a slightly less enthusiastic (or perhaps just real) account of early retirement then definitely check this one out! Jim covers some interesting topics you won’t see elsewhere and I like his dry sense of humour.



This could an interesting one! A young mans journey to FI but already it is clear we are going to get some no bullshit views on both personal finance and other interests and also he’s not shy when writing about every aspect of his life (read a few posts and you’ll see what I mean). I like this guy! If you didn’t get into the FI game until your were slightly older it’s a great way to live vicariously and see what life could have been like if you had just come across The Millionaire Next Door on your 16th birthday (and actually listened to more than a word of it!). Posting has been sporadic of late but I am hoping he continues with his journal.


Mustachian Post

I thought the blog roll needed a more international flavour to it so here is a blog from Switzerland! (It’s written in very good English though!). As well as churning out some interesting European takes on the standard personal finance topics and related areas in kicking ass in life, there is also a series dishing out top advice from other PF bloggers. Another great bonus feature is the Blogger Savings Rate Index or BSRI according to which I am a “Badass Saver Silver” which I am naturally ecstatic about 🙂


NEF Blog

NEF is the New Economics Foundation. If you are bored by classical economics and want to learn more about alternative theories then give this a go. I find a lot of what they write about really interesting. They also have a weekly economics Podcast which is great to listen to when your hands are otherwise engaged! 🙂


Have you found any new blogs recently that you can share with us? Or even started one up yourself?! Let me know and I’ll consider adding it to the blog roll in future! 🙂