Ultimate Omlette Recipe - The finished masterpiece!

Ultimate Omelette Recipe – The finished masterpiece!

In today’s edition of Badass Cookery Class we’ll be learning how to make The Ultimate Omelette Recipe (with Home Made Coleslaw). It is a ridiculously easy recipe to make, but if you have never made it before then some guidance on how to perfect it then it is nice to have a recipe! To hammer this point home, even Mrs TFS commented last night: “Surely everyone knows how to make an Omelette?!” – shortly after admitting she wasn’t quite sure of the exact process herself. I told her to check the blog tomorrow for further details – hey, a guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do to build those traffic stats 😉


The Ultimate Omelette – Ingredients

This feeds two very hungry people or four people who just want a standard dinner. I ate half the omelette but had just come back from a 6 mile run, to put it into perspective.

2 Medium sized potatoes – £0.30

1 Large Onion – £0.20

6 Medium / 4 Large eggs – £0.50

100g of cheese – £0.60

Dash of milk – £0.05

Salt/Pepper/Mixed Herbs to taste – £0.05

Dash of olive oil – £0.10

Cost per person: £0.90 or £0.45

Cost per person with the Coleslaw and a bit of salad: £1.20 or £0.75 – AMAZING!!!!! 🙂


The above is for a basic potato based omelette. You can add loads of different ingredients to spice things up a bit, but here are a few examples I have tried which work well (most you should add at the frying stage, before you put in the egg mix):

Bacon, Ham, Sausages, Chorizo, Pepperoni

(make sure to fry those last three off well to get all the juicy flavours out of them, and obviously make sure the bacon and sausage are cooked through!),

Diet: If you want a healthier version try replacing the potatoes with courgette (zuchini for our American Friends) or aubergine (egg plant). You can also add any number of veggies such as chopped tomatoes (cherry or plum are good), celerybroccoli, cauliflowerfinely chopped cabbagespinach… and the list goes on.


The Ultimate Omelette – Method

Ultimate Omlette Recipe - Step 1

Ultimate Omelette Recipe – Step 1

1. Chop up the onion and potatoes into small cubes. Chuck into the pan, dash a generous slug of olive oil over them and cook over a medium heat for around 10 minutes, until the potatoes start to go slightly soft. Stir regularly so they don’t get stuck to the bottom of the pan and burn!

Ultimate Omlette Recipe - Step 2

Ultimate Omelette Recipe – Step 2

2. Crack the 6 eggs into a bowl or jug, dash in some milk, grate half the cheese into it, and mix roughly with a fork. Pro-tip: eggs will mix better after they have warmed up to room temperature, so get the eggs out of the fridge before you start any chopping to allow them time to warm up.

3. When the potatoes are cooked, grate half of the remaining cheese into the potato and onion mixture and stir

Ultimate Omlette Recipe - Step 4

Ultimate Omelette Recipe – Step 4

4. Pour the egg mixture, making sure everything is covered evenly. Set the timer for 5 minutes and go and chill out (or make the salad… yea that is probably a better idea actually!)

Ultimate Omlette Recipe - Step 5

Ultimate Omelette Recipe – Step 5

5. When the timer beeps, grate the remaining cheese on top of the omelette and stick the pan under the grill, setting the timer for another five minutes. You may want to move the pan around a bit to make sure it is evenly browned, and to make sure the handle isn’t getting too hot! Disclaimer: Check your pan to make sure it can handle going under the grill, I will not be held responsible for any melted handles 🙂

Ultimate Omlette Recipe - Step 6

Ultimate Omelette Recipe – Step 6

6. This is the bad boy coming out from under the grill… what a hunk of crispy, cheesey goodness! Cut the omelette into halves or quarters as desired, and serve up on a plate with your salad and homemade coleslaw. Del-ish!


Home Made Coleslaw – Ingredients


This should make enough for about 8 portions, if you are having it as a side with some other salad.

Quater of a small white cabbage – £0.25

One large Carrot – £0.25

(Basically you want about 50/50 mix of cabbage to carrot so just make sure you have roughly the correct mix)

Generous squirt of salad cream, dash of white wine vinegar, dash of lemon juice – £0.20

Salt and pepper to taste (1 Tsp of salt usually works well for me)

Cost per serving: £0.09

Optional Extras

You can also add a bit of thinly sliced onion, and also a bit of red cabbage goes well if you have some.


Home Made Coleslaw – Method


Home Made Coleslaw - Step 1

Home Made Coleslaw – Step 1

1. Chop the cabbage finely and add to bowl, add the salt and stir. Grate the carrot and add to the bowl. Chop any extra ingredients and add as required.

Home Made Coleslaw - Step 2

Home Made Coleslaw – Step 2

2. Add the salad cream, and lemon juice and/or white wine vinegar as desired (Just salad cream on it’s own is fine if you don’t have the other bits to hand, by the way). Stir. That’s it!!!! It’s best if you leave it in the fridge for 20 minutes to let the flavours and juices to come out, before serving.


Until next time, bon appetite mon petite Fire Starters! x