Hope you all had a nice Christmas time readers!? 🙂

We’ve had a great one this year with lots of merriment with family and friends and I even managed to squeeze a round of golf in the sunshine on the 28th of freakin’ December of all things!!! I remember just two years ago playing in the snow so if there was any doubt climate change is not real, now there ain’t 😉

One thing struck me as I came to write up my Christmas list to Santa this year 🙂 and that was after two years of mild frugality a.k.a. “not buying shit that I don’t need” I did actually start to “need” some stuff from the jolly old white bearded one. This is a marked difference from even just a year when I was saying “I don’t want any presents!!!” to everyone, which mainly fell on deaf ears!

Going back to my old post on Xmas present system to avoid waste… which to recap was this:

Rule 1. Make a list of presents containing things you need and distribute to people who want to buy you something.

Rule 2. For the few months running up to Christmas (6 months is even better)  if you think you need to buy something… Go to rule 1


…I found that this year I did actually need quite a few bits.

The other strategy I had this year was that each thing I asked for had to be for a frugal type pursuit, in the realms of creating something, building or fixing something, or personal growth such as health/fitness, in a similar vein to weenie from Quietly saving getting her beer making kits for Christmas (which has been very much noted for my next birthday 😉 ). See it’s a gift but it is also an investment of a kind and not just a bit of toot! Genius!

Without further ado then here is my frugal christmas list haul:

1. New Squash racket: This ones obvious, it will help me get fitter! I’ve been playing with a (literally) broken racket for about 4 months now so thought I deserved a new one (see pic below)

frugal christmas list!

It probably doesn’t look as bad as it really is and just looks like some broken strings. If you look closely the whole right hand side of the frame is split in half!

2. Mini green house: OK so it’s not the most exciting present ever (although it did excite me quite a lot! 🙂 ) but this will help me produce a lot more delicious home grown vegetables, salads and herbs next year!

frugal christmas list!


3. Socket set: Just when you thought it couldn’t get any less exciting, oh yea, I just dropped this one on ya. Well you know what…? I don’t give a rat’s arse!!! 🙂

These little bad boys will help me do a lot more car stuff a lot quicker. In fact I’ve already done a small repair to the car over the christmas break and so they’ve already “paid for themselves” so to speak as I managed to do it in half the time I would have done without them.

frugal christmas list!


4. National Trust Membership: This was actually a surprise present from my parents, we were going to get one anyway next year anyway and my mum picked up on the hint. Nice one Ma TFS! So now we can look forward to many frugal days out next year.


So there you have it, my boooring yet awesomely frugal christmas list. Yea, so I took a bit of flack for being a boring old git but I can take that in good stride and laugh it off as the intentions are clearly not malicious.

I’d much rather have the above lot of stuff than designer shirts, aftershaves and the latest shiny iGadgets that won’t even get used after the first couple of weeks.

So… what was on your frugal christmas list?


Oh and Happy new year of course! I’m looking forward to totting up the 2015 yearly budget next week 😉