Some of you may have noticed the nice logo down on the bottom right hand side of the blog that has been floating there unassumingly for the last week or so. Well that is there to signify that yes, I’ve joined the Yakezie Challenge!

I am almost certain everyone reading this blog right now already knows what Yakezie is, but if not, it is an excellent network of personal finance blogs. Go to to find out more.

The Challenge

The challenge is all about Alexa rankings, which is ranking system that ranks websites on exciting statistics such as visitor numbers, back links, and user engagement. The idea is to lower your Alexa ranking, seeing as lower is better; Google is numero uno for example (*shock!*).

When I joined the challenge my rank was around the 600,000 mark so I’ve got a long way to go before I’ll be keeping Larry Page and co up at night, but fortunately for me the target is a much more modest 200,000. I’m currently at 524,000 so going in the right direction!

Thanks for reading and hopefully with your continued support I can beat the challenge!